Game: 9 holes
Registration: 9.30 a.m.
Start: 10.00 a.m. – gradual from hole No.1
Price: CZK 770,- (fee + entry fee + administrative fee + refreshment into the bag and lunch after the game + contribution for charitable purposes) – payment only in cash
Application on the CGF server: Tournament has been played
Any flight requirements:

The organizer and the organizing committee reserve the right to change the propositions of the tournament.

Dear friends, Seven Cup Golf Tour supporters,

it is finally here! Golf tournaments have been allowed.  After the meeting, or rather the statement of the CGF legal commission, it is possible to organize a game at outdoor sports grounds for a maximum of 50 people. Of course, as we are all used to, unfortunately, it is not possible without restrictions and meeting important health conditions. In order to be able to start in flights of 4 players, it is necessary to prove oneself by medical certificate (tests, vaccinations, recovery from illness). You can find the full legal opinion of the CGF here. We hope that the above conditions will be met without any problems.
I am therefore happy to invite you to the first tournament of our Seven Cup Golf Tour, which we will play in Terezínská Kotlina. The course does not need to be introduced for a long time. An interesting, unusual, picturesque, technically demanding nine hole course, this is a brief description of it, and it is definitely a big player challenge.  Therefore, come this Saturday, May 22, to enjoy not only competitive golf, but also a great atmosphere. We start at 10.00, registration from 9.30 in our traditional registration tent. Please note that capacity is limited.