Game: 18 holes
Registration: 9.30 a.m.
Start: 10.00 a.m. – gradual from hole No. 1
Price: CZK 870,- + 100,- administrative fee (fee + entry fee + refreshment into the bag and lunch after the game + contribution for charitable purposes) – payment only in cash
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The organizer and the organizing committee reserve the right to change the propositions of the tournament.

Dear friends, Seven Cup Golf Tour supporters,

How to briefly describe the Molitorov course, which many golfers may know – either by hearsay or because you played it yourself, just like us. Yes, the first time was 5 years ago, the second time was three weeks ago. I am not ashamed to say that I am really shocked at what has been created or built on this course in the past few years (including covid). It is really worth visiting this course, because today you can get a full, not just golf service there. But let´s briefly return to the course, which of course has also undergone major changes. It can be agreed that Molitorov eighteen hole course really has all the game attributes that a course should have. Short holes alternate long holes. The short holes stand out for their technical difficulty, and the long holes for their huge distance from the tee to the green, not to mention a number of small or large bunkers, bushes, trees or tall grass. The first nine passes mostly through a local cherry orchard, where you have to be really accurate and long on the tee. The second nine, which is certainly flatter and, let´s say, more playable, but thanks to its length and the number of tricky obstacles in the impact zone of the first shots, it is by no means easier. True, the advantage of this course is that even if the drive is not accurate, in most cases you will manage to find the ball. Again, we have chosen one special hole (No. 5), where we will reward you with a special prize from the director for hitting birdies ;-). That´s why come on Sunday, August 28, to try not only hole number 5 and competitive golf, but also to enjoy a great, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.