Game: 18 holes
Registration: 8:30 a.m. – ATTENTION, CHANGE!
Start: 8:50 a.m. – gradual from hole No.1
Price: CZK 1150 (fee + entry fee + refreshment into the bag and lunch after the game + contribution for charitable purposes) – payment only in cash
Application on the CGF server: The tournament has been played
Any flight requirements:

The organizer and the organizing committee reserve the right to change the propositions of the tournament.

Dear friends and the Seven Cup Golf Tour


The first eighteen-hole tournament on the great course Svatý Jan in Slapy is here. Much has been written about this course and probably every golfer has played on this course. It is generally known that the course is very ragged, varied, shorter, technical and naturally integrated into a wonderful landscape, where every golfer really finds their way, but as a proud member of the local club I must highlight the really professional and pleasant behaviour of all employees – across all services. Pleasant girls at the reception, experienced, fast and smiling staff and, last but not least, great cuisine! All this creates an amazing atmosphere that you simply cannot find on any other course. For this tournament, we will also add a category for the best (+9-10) both for the winners in shots and for the top three in the order of stbl points. Also, in addition to the classic embedded longest/nearest competitions, we are announcing a special, valuable prize (which no one won in the previous tournament) for the hitting birdies on hole No.6. Therefore, come on Saturday, July 22, to try this “Slapy eighteen-hole” which is repeatedly among the most popular golf courses in the Czech Republic. We start at 8.30 a.m.(registration at 8.00) with a gradual start from hole No.1, where great Jenčík´s  liqueurs await you again, and after the ninth hole, our excellent spreads await you and much more. You are cordially invited.