What is a match play?

Match play is a very popular format of a game, having its own charm, which cannot be experienced in a regular tournament. You have an opportunity to compete with other players from our/your Seven Cup Golf Tour and an opportunity to make new friendships and maybe find another partner on the course. In contrast to probably the most well-known form of a game shot game,thematch play is a format in which the number of winning holes is played, not shots. This is the very original form of golf. Two players stand against each other and the point for the hole is given to the one who plays it for a lower number of shots. The direct winner is determined by the number of points.

Information and rules for Seven Cup match play:

  1. You will find a contact of your opponent, or of all of you who signed up, in the last informative e-mail (we all already know one another, so it certainly doesn´t matter)
  2. It is played according to the rules of golf for a match play and the local rules of the course.
  3. Game always on 18 holes on any standard course in the world according to the players´agreement, players play at their own expense.
  4. No compensation and no gender difference.
  5. Men play from yellow tees, women from red tees – without exeption. It is allowed to use a distance measuring device.
  6. Play matches on the given date.
  7. We assume that all participants want to play and that it will not be a problem to reasonably agree on a date. Nevertheless, the player with the better hcp should be the first to contact the opponent.
  8. If a player does not start a match already confirmed by both parties without a timely apology, his opponent proceeds.
  9. A player may give up the match. In this case, he informs both parties / the opponent and the competition committee.
  10. If the score is all-square after 18 holes, the so-called “sudden death” is played. Continue again from hole number 1. Attention – in this case, the players are obliged to consult the game with the reception of the course.
  11. The winner of the match will send the result (including the date of the game and the field) to the email: petrzelalubomir@centrum.cz and a copy to the losing teammate.
  12. Disputes outside the rules of golf are resolved in a fundamentally gentlemanly manner. However, in the event of a dispute between the players which cannot be resolved by agreement, the Competition Committee shall decide after hearing both parties.
  13. In addition to the prize for the champion, we will reward the second and third place.
  14. The Competition Committee: Lubomír Petržela, Lubomír Mareš.
  15. The final and the match for the third place will probably take place at the golf reunion, or they will be determined by the competition committee.
  16. If you have trouble contacting your opponent, write, call.

Explanation of some terms:

Halved hole: Halved hole is a designation for a tie on a hole in a match play. None of the players get the hole.

Dormie: A situation in a match play where one side leads by as many holes as there are left until the end of the game. The leading side can no longer lose the game, the other one can draw only if he wins all the remaining holes. If the leader wins or halves a hole, the game can be stopped because the winner is known.

All-square: A designation of a tie in a match play – players have won the same number of holes.

Match play specialgift: What makes a match play different from others is the lack of finishing. The obligation to transport the ball to the hole is often eliminated. When one of the opponents has a few more shots than the other and it is evident that he will not catch up with him, the better usually gives a shot to the worse one. This can be done at any time when the ball is at rest (usually when playing on the green/putting). Then the result counts as if the opponent played the next shot into the hole.

One penalty YES, two NO: Most of the rules are the same as for the shot game, but not all! The penalties for breaking the rules are different. There where two penalties are in a shot game, the loss of a hole is similar to this penalty. The penalty of one penalty shot also exists in the match play and it is for the same transgressions as in the shot game.