Dear fans of this tour,

I really like the golf tournament in Motol as part of Seven cup golf tour 2018, which I participated in, the atmosphere was friendly and supportive. I appreciate the approach to beginners, which was very proactive. I am really looking forward to the next tournament.

Natálie Friebelová


Many greetings Luboš,

Thanks for the congratulations, and I really have to thank you a lot, I was honoured to participate in such a nice tournament, I rarely experience such a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, my wife and I will be very happy if you still count on us in your team in future.

Thanks a lot

Iva and Standa Bílek


Hi Luboš, thanks for the compliment. So golf turned out to be great for me, that´s right. On Sunday evening while I was having a beer with Martin, we agreed that we really liked the tournament (courses, organization, prizes, invited people, atmosphere) and that´s exactly how the tournament should look like, where people like to come back. And the opportunity to contribute to someone who has not been so lucky in life gives me the feeling that Saturday was a wonderful day. And also it was obvious that you enjoy it and then the good mood is spread all around. So I have to thank you and keep my fingers crossed that only fine people participate and that your enthusiasm and energy will last forever. See you at the next tournament.

Nice evening



Hi Luboš, the nice atmosphere of the tournament is mainly due to you and your organizational skills, you choose the flights with sensitive feeling, you choose the course, you help. I admire how many friends and acquaintances you have and how you connect our microworlds. I´ll come back.


Hi Lubos,

It was an absolutely amazing morning-afternoon golf. I was even worth my yesterday´s quiet household….:-) I´m looking forward to Beřovice and Peter is sad that he can´t go. But we are going to the next one together again. I also have to win.. otherwise he will be unbearable….:-) You do it very well!

Good luck!