Over last few years, a bunch of golf enthusiasts, friends and comrades have gathered together, touring the whole country and getting to know the atmosphere of competitive golf, the beauty of golf courses and having a lot of fun. During one of the last meetings, the idea of organizing an own golf tour was born, which would not only unite a group of friends and attract new golfers, but whose main goal would be to help those who were not so lucky in life.
Why 7 Cup? Seven is a lucky number for many of us and the idea of our own golf tour was born on October 7, 2017. That is why we have again prepared a series of 7 charity tournaments for this year for all those who have become addicted to this wonderful game, for those who want to enjoy a great atmosphere, play golf, have fun, but most of all make happy those who need it.

Tour Director, The Organizing Committee:
Lubomír Petržela

The Organizing Committee:
Lubomír Mareš

The CZGA Ambassador, Starter:
Milan Turek

The Organizational Support:
Miloslav Sochor

The Organizational Support:
Pavel Tůma

The Organizational Support:
Lubomír Petržela ml.

The Organizational Support:
Karel Rataj

The Organizational Support:
Kamila Ratajová

The Technical Support:
Otakar Peukert

Photo – Press:
Hana Bochinská

Adminstrator Facebook / Instagram:
Petra Zahrádková

Trainer of golf:
Jaroslav Pithart
Tel.: 777 109 960
Golf professional, member of PGA