The game is played according to the valid rules of golf, according to the competition rules of the Czech Golf Federation and the local rules of the particular course. Stableford game, always for hcp editing.

We are playing in four categories this year:

  1. Category hcp 0 – 25 stableford netto score
  2. Category hcp 0 – 25 shots brutto score
  3. Category hcp 25.1 – 54 stableford netto score
  4. Category hcp 25.1 – 54 shots brutto score

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make any changes and adjustments to the categories according to the number of registered players.

Embedded competitions will be announced and rewarded in each tournament: Nearest to pin (for both men and women) and Longest drive (men and women).

In each tournament, the best first three players in the category with the highest number of netto stb points will be announced. The best player in each category will be announced for bruttoshots score. This year we also reward every hit birdie, eagle and hole in one in each tournament.

In the overall standings of the entire Tour, the first five players who receive the highest sum of stb net points for (according to the pandemic situation /Covid 19) the six, five best played tournaments on the entire Tour, including the final tournament, will be announced. In the overall leaderboard of the entire Tour, the stb points on the fifth and sixth tournaments, which are played on eighteen holes, will be divided by two (example: a player will play 36 stb, 18 stb will be counted). In the final tournament, the points are multiplied (doubled). In case five tournaments are not played then 4 played, 3played,.., etc. are counted. In case of equal points, the number of better places in each tournament from the first place to the third place will decide the placement. If the points are still equal, a shootoutwill decide. Its form may be determined by the organizer / organizing committee.


In all SEVEN CUP Golf Tour tournaments, all players win and no one leaves empty-handed…. Each player receives a gift bag at the announcement, in which he finds various surprises. The winners of individual tournaments, respectively in the categories on the stb netto, will receive original, handmade trophies from the sheltered workshop BONA, o. p. s., as well as the material, valuable prizes from our partners Loudmouth, and others. Winners in brutto shots categories can look forward to material prizes, as well as free fees to various courses. The winners of the embedded competitions win quality Czech and foreign wines. Of course, not only entertaining competitions are prepared for this time, which have been provided for this year by the new partner b2a, but also other various surprises in each tournament. Certainly interesting prizes will be prepared for the first three players of this year´s match play/jamkovka and with an interesting prize we will also award the best player of 18-hole tournaments (stb nett/ no duplication) the same as last year. This year, special travelling trophies will also be produced for the first time, both for the overall winner of the entire Tour and for the winner of the match play /Jamkovka.

The overall winners win:

1st place – For this year, for the first time, a specially made cup, then a voucher worth CZK 7,000,- for a stay at GRUND RESORT Golf & Ski, and other valuable prizes from our partners.

2nd place – For this year, for the first time, a specially made cup, and other valuable in-kind prizes from our partners.

3rd place – For this year, for the first time, a specially made cup, and other valuable in-kind prizes from our partners.

4th place – Valuable, material prizes from our partners.

5th place – Valuable, material prizes from our partners.

Prizes are non-transferable. It the player who placed on the podium is not present when the results of the tournament are announced, the prize will be forfeited. It is up for consideration of the organizing committee to decide how the prize will be handled.