Dear friends, Seven Cup Golf Tour supporters,

it was not only beautiful weather, a course in excellent condition, great results, but also a record visit of registered players at our penultimate nine-hole tournament, which beautified Saturday. You will surely agree with me that these 59 players once again acknowledged the amazing and friendly atmosphere, which is already an integral part of our Tour. Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating in both the tournament and our traditional competitions after the tournament, where we managed to collect amazing 4,400 crowns thanks to the sale of balls with the Tour logo, which we will add to Terezka´s collection this year. Thanks again to everyone and see you at the next tournament on June 26 in Bitozeves.


Dear friends, Seven Cup Golf Tour supporters,

fortunately, the weather forecast, which was not supposed to offer the ideal golf weather, was not fulfilled and Terezínská Kotlina welcomed us almost in the ideal golf weather. Instead of the forecasted rainy weather, a strong wind appeared in places, but the sunny weather made up for everything. I think that almost fifty players still enjoyed the tournament. Whatever the results, it was visible on everyone involved that they could finally play competitive, tournament golf, especially on their favourite Seven Cup Golf Tour. Once again, we want to thank all the partners, both permanent and new ones, who have once again confirmed that our Tour is great. Of course, congratulations  to the winners, but most of all we thank all the players who bought our traditional balls with the tour logo for fun competitions provided by B2a this year, when the proceeds from the sale of these balls from each tournament will go to little Terezka.  It was amazing 3,500 CZK in Kotlina. Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you at the next 05/06/21 tournament in Hodkovičky.


Many of you are watching the situation at the moment, not only pandemic, but mainly political, where, thanks to our “government officials”, everything is changing from hour to hour.  The unpreparedness, the chaos, especially the opinion on the issue of gathering in the context of sports, is really confusing at the moment. Our first tournament is to take place this Saturday, while an important part of the legal opinion of the CGF (Czech Golf Federation) from  11/04 reads as follows:

“From the point of view of golf, the possibility of organizing tournaments is quite often a frequent issue.  To this end, it is necessary to be noted that organized gathering, ie the accumulation of persons in one place, is prohibited. “

The full legal opinion of the CGF can be found here: COVID-19-Czech Golf Federation

That is why I am sorry to inform you that we will not play the first Seven Cup Golf Tour 2021 in Stará Boleslav this Saturday.  Let´s hope that the pandemic situation and especially the “political chaos” will allow us to play our second tournament in the Terezín Kotlina on May 22. Of course, we will continue to monitor the situation and inform you in time.

I wish everyone good health and a positive mood at this certainly difficult time.

On behalf of Seven Cup Golf Tour

Lubomír Petržela


Ladies and gentlemen, supporters of the Seven Cup Golf Tour,

as you all know, the pandemic situation is not getting better, but I can still be delighted to announce that the tournament calendar for the next year of our Seven Cup Golf Tour 2021 is ready! Most likely we will not play the first tournament on time, but we will try to find a possible replacement according to the further development of the pandemic situation. Even so, mark the following important dates into your calendars:

17/04 – GC Stará Boleslav / 9 holes

22/05 – Golf Kotlina Terezín / 9 holes

05/06 – Golf Club Hodkovičky / 9 holes

26/06 – Golf Resort Bitozeves / 9 holes

17/07 – Golf Park Slapy / 18 holes

22/08 – Golf Resort Ústí nad Labem / 18 holes

18/09 – Golf Beřovice – the Final / 18 holes

24-26/09 (Fri-Sun) – GRUND RESORT Golf&Ski – end of the Tour, the ceremonial announcement

And what awaits us despite this demanding year? In addition to our new website, you have certainly registered a new course that we will play at this year, an interesting course in Slapy. Again, we reward four categories in each tournament and five players in the order of the entire Tour. Of course, the announcement of the match play will be announced and you will traditionally be able to win handmade trophies from the sheltered workshop BONA o.p.s. .  You can also look forward to brand new cups for the overall Tour winners. We will also premiere new travelling cups for the winner of the match play and the entire Tour. You can also look forward to attractive prizes from our partners and much  more. A pleasant and no less important change is that this year we dedicate the entire proceeds to little Terezka who we will certainly help a little and make her life more pleasant.

You are warmly invited

On behalf of Seven Cup Golf Tour

Lubomír Petržela