Dear friends, golfers, close and distant friends, acquaintances and strangers. Those who have been playing our tour with us in recent years, but also newcomers. In a few lines below, we would like to tell you a difficult story of a family, a father and mother and two sons, who were looking forward to a little sister, who would fill their days with pink bows and a girlish smile.

We would like to tell you about a happy birth of the expected miracle as most of us in our families know. Unfortunately, this did not happen in our story. Already at the time of the mother´s pregnancy, it happened strangely that an abortion was diagnosed in the case of the mother´s serious problems, the baby died. And what happened then? The little girl did not want to leave, and by a miracle, which even the doctors cannot fully believe, she survived and won her way into the world.

And so came the moment when she was really supposed to be born, after a proper 9 months happy and a little dreaded waiting. From the first moment, the birth ran complicatedly, dramatically, and endangered both the mother´s life and the little princess that everyone was so looking forward to.

Natural childbirth eventually became a hasty caesarean section and, as it turned out, came late. The little girl, Terezka, was born almost beyond survival. Yet she did not give up, the doctors, and not even the luck she had held so tight from the beginning. After all the possibilities of strong resuscitation, 15 minutes of extreme resuscitation, the doctors could state that Terezka was alive.

The next few days were a purgatory for her mother and father. Gradually, they determined the degree of damage, and in fact even today, after a few months of life, they do no know exactly how much damage there is. From the first days they teach little Terezka to eat, to keep food in her belly at all. Today, they already know that Terezka can barely hear and her brain is severely damaged. How much it will be known in future. Terezka attends a session in a hyperbaric chamber, rehabilitates 5 times a day with her mother, everybody in the family does their best. The result is uncertain.

The diagnosis at this time is cerebral palsy, and time will tell if she will ever hear, see, talk, walk, develop properly. It is already confirmed that she hears only partially. That is why it is now so important to train with Tezerka, go to a hyperbaric chamber (renewal of dead cells in the brain), undergo a bath, get hearing aids, undergo a therapy to alleviate the already huge consequences of a bad birth.

And just as all kinds of available therapy and rehabilitation need to be provided, it is necessary to relieve the hard-tested family and improve their lives at least in part. The hitherto happy family has carefully raised two of their sons, who are now waiting for mom and dad to have a moment for them as well. Especially in today´s difficult times, we can realize how demanding the ballast on the whole family is.

We are happy that thanks to our community, our game, which brings us so much joy, we can also, thanks to the generosity of all of you, bring a little relief to those who are less fortunate through no fault of their own.

Friends, thanks for your generosity, you are wonderful.

Also support

BONA, o.p.s. is an organization that supports people with mental illness on their path to reintegration into mainstream society. We provide social services in housing and employment. As part of our employment, we also have a glass workshop, which is a sheltered workplace. People acquire work skills and habits here, they learn the glass craft. In the workshop we work mainly with tiffany technology, thanks to which trophies are also made for the SEVEN CUP GOLF TOUR.

“In January 2018, Mr. Lubomír Petržela asked us if we would like to participate in the creation of cups for a sports tour. It was a big challenge for us and we tried to make a few suggestions. The gentlemen have chosen from the suggestions and we are now pleased with the nice cooperation on the prizes for golf tournaments, which have an overlap and help by money from tournaments where it is needed. We make a total of 42 cups for the golf tour. It takes us over 4 hours of work to produce one prize. We have not worked on such a big contract for a long time. Prizes are a challenge for us. In addition to the prizes for individual tournaments, we also produce cups for the final awards. We hope that the prizes will also be a pleasure for the winners, who will then take them home and show off their results.”

Lucie Kohoutková
Therapist of a sheltered workplace Glass workshop