Six-year-old Nelinka was born as a healthy baby. Until her first birthday, everything was going as it should. She started saying basic words, ate nicely, went to the potty. After that, her mother began to notice strange changes at Nelinka’s behaviour. She often reached into her ears and stopped perceiving aurally. She  didn’t respond to her name. At eighteen months, Nelinka underwent a special examination and was diagnosed with ADS (autism spectrum disorder), including hearing loss from 1.5 m. Further changes were added, Nelinka stopped eating what she had been eating, stopped going to the potty, stopped talking. She was diagnosed with 3rd degree incontinence, so Nelinka is constantly in diapers. At the age of six, she is developmentally at the level of a 15-month-old child. Due to twisting of her legs, she cannot walk well, currently she cannot walk more than 200m on her own. She cannot cuddle, she stays away from other children, she likes her solitude, she has her own world. Nelinka’s father helps her mother take care of Nelinka, although they are no longer partners with her mother. The mother would not have been able to take care of Nelinka on her own, as she herself suffers from epilepsy, heart disease and was recently diagnosed with benign brain tumours. Nelinka’s life requires round-the-clock care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Nelinka needs a special pram (cart) for her transport and lots of other aids that would make her everyday life easier. 

Also support

BONA, o.p.s. is an organization that supports people with mental illness on their path to reintegration into mainstream society. We provide social services in housing and employment. As part of our employment, we also have a glass workshop, which is a sheltered workplace. People acquire work skills and habits here, they learn the glass craft. In the workshop we work mainly with tiffany technology, thanks to which trophies are also made for the SEVEN CUP GOLF TOUR.

“In January 2018, Mr. Lubomír Petržela asked us if we would like to participate in the creation of cups for a sports tour. It was a big challenge for us and we tried to make a few suggestions. The gentlemen have chosen from the suggestions and we are now pleased with the nice cooperation on the prizes for golf tournaments, which have an overlap and help by money from tournaments where it is needed. We make a total of 42 cups for the golf tour. It takes us over 4 hours of work to produce one prize. We have not worked on such a big contract for a long time. Prizes are a challenge for us. In addition to the prizes for individual tournaments, we also produce cups for the final awards. We hope that the prizes will also be a pleasure for the winners, who will then take them home and show off their results.”

Lucie Kohoutková
Therapist of a sheltered workplace Glass workshop