Dear golf friends,

we are starting a new golf season, and as well as golf courses are being opened our hearts are being opened  to help another difficult child´s fate.

This year´s story is the 11-year- old life of Danielka. A little girl who, until she was 5 years old, played and ran with all the other children in Vinaříce near Kladno, and her parents enjoyed every nice day. Like a blow out of the blue, an unpleasant rash came first, followed in quick succession by sudden joint pain that resulted in an immobile leg.  A turbulent sequence of severely limiting and painful problems quickly confined Danielka to bed and led her parents to an intense effort to find any help. A team of doctors, together with desperate mom, searched for a solution and above all a diagnoses, the definition of which was finally a severe and progressive joint disease with a very uncertain treatment, given that it was an extremely rare disease. The doctors used all the available knowledge and treatment options, and Danielka endured hundreds of injections, los of medicines and intravenous infusions with great patience.  Her hands were so sore from all of this, but she believed with mom that everything would get better. The completed biological treatment was also a hope.

Unfortunately, in 2021, her tiny body could no longer withstand the onslaught of all treatment interventions and, above all, the intensity of the disease, and Danielka collapsed. She was put into induced sleep. Her unhappy mom were still hoping for a miracle and the doctors were fighting. But Danielka fought the most, she managed the critical moments of her life, it was possible to wake her up so that the next onslaught of chemotherapy and corticoids could follow. The kidneys quit the service. But she didn´t give up even then, she is so brave! She is an example to us all, isn´t she?

The little princess fought on, her mom, doctors and friends stand firmly besides her, this year we can stand besides her too, each of us. Now we are the ones who can help her a lot on her way forward, to a better life.

The treatment currently available and paid for by the insurance has ended. Now the whole burden of returning to life rests on her family, scared by suffering.  Strong rehabilitation is necessary, massages and interventions in corticoid-marked skin are necessary. There is a chance, even a big chance, for improvement. It is not 100%, but even the considered 80% sounds great. You think so too, don´t you?  And what will lead to it? Our collection will make it possible. It will be made possible by each of our contributions, from which all this and much more will be paid for.

That´s why we, friends, stand here now, who can combine the joy of the game with helping those in need. Contributions to a good cause are part of our great Seven Cup Golf Tour. Play with us, rejoice with us, help with us, the chances for this year´s story of little Danielka and her better life can bring us all the joy of the meaning of our community. We have a goal.

So have a nice game everyone and join us, you´re welcome. 

Also support

BONA, o.p.s. is an organization that supports people with mental illness on their path to reintegration into mainstream society. We provide social services in housing and employment. As part of our employment, we also have a glass workshop, which is a sheltered workplace. People acquire work skills and habits here, they learn the glass craft. In the workshop we work mainly with tiffany technology, thanks to which trophies are also made for the SEVEN CUP GOLF TOUR.

“In January 2018, Mr. Lubomír Petržela asked us if we would like to participate in the creation of cups for a sports tour. It was a big challenge for us and we tried to make a few suggestions. The gentlemen have chosen from the suggestions and we are now pleased with the nice cooperation on the prizes for golf tournaments, which have an overlap and help by money from tournaments where it is needed. We make a total of 42 cups for the golf tour. It takes us over 4 hours of work to produce one prize. We have not worked on such a big contract for a long time. Prizes are a challenge for us. In addition to the prizes for individual tournaments, we also produce cups for the final awards. We hope that the prizes will also be a pleasure for the winners, who will then take them home and show off their results.”

Lucie Kohoutková
Therapist of a sheltered workplace Glass workshop