Game: 9 holes
Registration: 09:30 a.m.
Start: 10:00 a.m.
Price: 770 + 100 CZK
Application on the CGF server: The tournament has been played
Any flight requirements:

The organizer and the organizing committee reserve the right to change the propositions of the tournament.

Dear golfers, fans of the Seven Cup Golf Tour,

And here we are….We have the seventh year of our/your wonderful Seven Cup Golf Tour 2024. There are really a lot of news and surprises, but I definitely cannot introduce them all here, because then you wouldn’t have anything to look forward to. Before I officially invite you to the first tournament, so of course, I will present some news here. The first novelty concerns the new course, namely twelve holes in Hostivař area. We also have one exclusive hole-in-one prize in the form of an electric golf cart that we will play for each tournament. I can also inform you with great pleasure that we finally have the wonderful social networks – both Facebook and Instagram (send likes and spread information about this great golf tour). As we celebrate our seventh birthday, there are brand new tournament prizes and lots and lots more to come. I also have to share with you one important, but all the more pleasant change – she is a little fighter, a girl named Nelinka, whom we will be helping this special year. Therefore, I hereby officially start the seventh year of the Seven Cup Golf Tour 2024 and cordially invite everyone to the first tournament, which takes place on April 20 (Saturday) at the course in Stará Boleslav. This nine-hole course is probably not something new for any player, but I will tell you about another novelty and that is a really different post-tournament snack in the form of fresh, on-site authentically made Italian pinsa, yes, you read that right – pinsa. A Michelin chef will make it for you and will certainly explain the difference between a pinza and a classic pizza. That’s why come on Saturday, April 20, not only to play competitive golf, to taste a pinsa, but above all to enjoy our great, friendly, cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, which is an inherent part of our tour. You are cordially invited!!!