Our partners

Radio Beat is a Czech radio station that specializes in rock music, especially in the genres of rock, hard & heavy, etc. These are mainly musical styles between the 60s and 80s of the 20th century. The station began broadcasting on January 1, 2002 as a local Prague radio station.

Grund Resort is a modern design hotel in the Giant Mountains. Calm, mountains air, the best services, family atmosphere, spaces interwoven by design, helpful staff… Simply everything you need for your rest, whether active or passive in the beautiful landscape of the Giant Mountains, is Grund Resort Golf&Ski.

Our company focuses on technological lines processing bulk materials in the food industry, in particular: mills, grain silos, flour silos, feed mills, brewery shredders, mixing centers, dosing and micro-dosing of bulk materials. We develop single-purpose machines for our customers, which are designed exactly according to the requirements of the technological process, the needs of the operator and the demands of the entire operation. We are able to deliver, install and commission our products. The scope of deliveries is always solved with the customer according to their requirements.

The Czech Golf Association of the Handicapped (CZDGA) is an association whose main goal is to enable as many children, youth and adults with physical disabilities as possible to access a sports activity – golf.
Since 2010, CZDGA has been a fully-fledged member of the Czech Golf Federation (CGF) and in the same year it became a member of the European Golf Association of the Handicapped (EDGA).
The mail goals of CZDGA are to create and maintain suitable technical and material conditions for a training of newcomers and current members, to build a nationwide infrastructure for playing and promoting hendigolf, to implement an education system for CZDGA members, hendigolf coaches and other interested parties, to promote golf of handicapped people in awareness-raising activities and enable athletes and the general public to access the latest information and trends in this sport.

The word “BONAVITA” is of Latin origin and in liberal translation means “GOOD LIFE”. We have a wide range of products in our portfolio which includes: breakfast cereals, muesli, oatmeal, cereal, nut and muesli bars, cereal drinks, durable bakery and puffed products, popcorn, pasta and soy food.

The main activity of the company is the design of buildings at all levels and within the scope of all professions with an emphasis on energy savings. Over the last 20 years, we have prepared Documentation, Energy Audits, Energy Performance Certificates and Energy Assessments for more than 800 buildings. These were family and apartment houses, schools, kindergartens, secondary schools, hospitals, municipal and city offices, fire brigades, cultural houses, industrial plants, factories and more.

Eshop with golf clothing, grips, headcovers, equipment and accessories. We also provide golf club regripping.

The distillery craft has been inextricably linked with the Jenčík family for four generations. The first records date back to 1878, when the first Jenčík was born, who later decided to devote himself to this delicate work. As of today, it is has been a hundred years that we have been proudly carrying the legacy of our fathers and passing it on with love. The basis of every honest craft begins with the selection of quality ingredients. Thanks to decades of experience and to the professional education of the Jenčíks obtained in different parts of the world, we can identify good and bad raw materials. Our desire to bring the best to our customers is strong. If we fail to get the best raw materials, we are willing to slow down or stop the production and wait until we produce the best for our bottles.We honour traditions. Not only in the honest approach to recipes, production processes or taste tones; but also in the spirituality of our products. Thanks to this you can enjoy with us the same quality that our grandfathers met.

QUEENFORD s.r.o. has been a specialist in services in the fields of transport, logistics, goods handling and warehousing for many years. The company focuses on solving logistics flows of materials and packaging, both external and internal. It also develops packaging regulations according to the requirements of customers and their suppliers. Domestic and international transport of goods is realized in all main ways – road, air and sea container transport.

NH Collection Prague Carlo IV is a five-star hotel located in a unique Neo-Renaissance palace in the centre of Prague. Guests can relax in the spa with a 20-metre heated swimming pool with whirlpool and massage beds, steam room and sauna. The varied gastronomic offer of the 1890 Restaurant and Bar includes seasonal specialties paired with delicious wines. The unique bar, The Vault, located in the original bank vault, is a great venue for exclusive private events such as birthday parties, wine tastings, private meetings. The hotel’s conference floor has a separate, dedicated entrance and offers six rooms of varying sizes suitable for all types of events.

is located in the beautiful protected landscape area ” Okoř Surroundings” on the bank of the Zákolanský brook. In addition to an 18-hle course, there is also a snack stand on site. Adventure golf is a popular recreational as well as professional sport suitable for literally everybody. It comes from North America, but quickly has become popular around the world. Simply said, it is a “small golf course” – a golf course reduced to the size of a mini golf. It is played on an artificial green golf carpet. Fun, not only for passionate minigolfers, but an oasis and relaxation for the whole family. More information at www.adventuregolf-cicovice.cz

The company provides production and sale of promotional items such as custom goods, glass and porcelain decorations, machine embroidery and patches, souvenirs, diaries, advertising umbrellas, bath towels, calendars, USB flash drives and much more… Wholesale and retail seller of souvenirs specializing in souvenirs with the theme of the Czech Republic, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Karlovy Vary and Kutna Hora.

We have been dealing with office printing since 1997. We have trained technicians with a wide range of experience in the field. We also carry out renovations of toners, renovations of print cartridges for laser office printers. We print textiles and mugs. We copy, print, scan and much more…

The professional approach of our team with many years of experience in the sale of golf clubs, clothing, bags, manual and electric carts.
Repairs of clubs and golf carts directly on the GOLF HOSTIVAŘ course. Do you have a damaged club, do you need to replace the grip or repair your manual or electric cart? All this right with us fast and efficiently.
Pay a lower price for golf goods than in other golf shops in the Czech Republic. All you have to do is to submit an offer from another golf shop, which is the official seller of the golf goods on the Czech market, before purchasing.

The Latin American restaurant EL ASADOR was opened in June 2011. The restaurant has a touch of South American style with an interior evoking the atmosphere of true South American decadence and great cuisine. It is no coincidence that the restaurant is proud of its Spanish name. The term EL ASADOR in Spanish means grill, skewer, or even a person who grills meat. Sunday lunch in our restaurant is reserved for the very popular Brunch. From 11.00 am to 3.00 pm you can taste a large variety of hot and cold dishes, grilled meat, homemade pastries, desserts, fresh fruit, ice cream, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, all made more pleasant by live music. An outdoor playground is available for children.

We manufacture metallurgical and cut glass to order, with an emphasis on originality and an artisanal and artistic quality.  We also offer glassmakers’ performances and interactive workshops with a mobile furnace.  They can entertain and educate and can become an unconventional variegation at your celebrations and other events.

We are a purely Czech company, products of It´s my life! are made in the Czech Republic. We rely on quality, which is why our products do not contain chemical substitutes, glutamates, artificial dyes, preservatives, etc.  It´s my life! is an expert in weight reduction and nutritional advice. We are constantly trying to improve the flavours as well as the composition based on the latest knowledge  in the field of nutrition. Thanks to the balanced content of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber, the products of It´s my life! are a suitable part of the complete replacement of the whole day´s diet for weight reduction.

The Czech Association of Golf Marshals (CAGM) was founded in the summer of 2015 from the original intention of organizing an educational training for golf marshals.  This association is an interest association and is happy to welcome individuals and entities among its members, if their interests, as well as ours, include the cultivation and higher professionalism of the golf environment and cooperation in improving its good name in the Czech Republic.