SEVEN CUP Golf Tour is an open series of seven charity tournaments for all golfers of all performance categories,  we play the first four tournaments on nine holes and three tournaments on eighteen holes. The goal of this golf tour is to experience the beauty of competitive golf, lots of fun and relaxed atmosphere, but the main goal is to collect a financial contribution that will be donated to charity. To date, we have contributed CZK 645,964 to charity.

And what can you expect from our tournaments?

Before the first shot, an aperitif for courage. After the end of your game, a glass of golden sparking liquid  awaits you, and of course there is a snack into the bag and lunch after the game. In case of a long wait, the entertaining competitions will be organized for the participants. At each tournament, you can also buy small items, whether golf items or just souvenirs, when the proceeds from the sale will be donated to charity. And also a gift bag is prepared for each participant. 

You are warmly invited
On behalf of Seven Cup Golf Tour
Lubomír Petržela